First in the market STAINLESS KNIFE with a ANGLE POSITION

A gardening knife with a scoop-like blade shape that can dig soil with a shape unique to Japan.
Our gardening knife No.650 leisure knife is called “HORI HORI KNIFE” overseas and is popular all over the world.
In the garden knife market, our knives are all made in Japan.
Our knives are recognized all over the world as high quality products made in Japan.
This product was developed as a knife that combines elements of horticultural use and excavation research, as requested by many customers.
This knife is designed to specialize in digging work applications.
This knife is an angle type with a step between the blade and handle.

# No.6900
SIZE ●Blade size:170+170mm
●Weight of knife only:420g
●Weight of with sheath:500g
●Size of knife only:360x75x75mm
●Size of with seath:370x80x75mm
Material Blade:420J2
Sheath:Real leather
Pcs in carton 12入
JAN 4986956069000

This Knife making process is same knife making process.
This making process is bending first and 3D griding after.
So this knife have all even hardness.
This kind knife is making our company in world.
It is very limited in the world that this kind of making process.。

A digging knife originated from Japanese hunting culture.
Used by matagi professionals in the olden days, this was used as both a knife and a tool to dig dirt and tan leather. The shovel was made from bamboo, which was first dried and then sharpened. Its curved edge was a result of the bamboo’s natural roundness.
Today, this is a multipurpose utility product with a high reputation for its outdoor and gardening uses. It can be used for cutting branches, taking care of flowerbeds and nurseries, transferring flower bulbs, and many more gardening purposes. Best of all, it stays sharp and does not rust easily.

This knife is a representation of what Japan’s products were and still are – durable, refined, and high quality.。

We realized a stainless steel angle knife.

The Guard

Real leather Sheath

Long serration blade

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