No.650 Special

This WEEDING KNIFE “SERRATION BLADE” is populer because it is useful for gardening and outdoor amusement.
This limited edition WEEDING KNIFE “SERRATION BLADE” on web-site, made by the DSR-1K6.
We sell it on web-site only.

No. 651
NAME DSR-1K6 No.650 Special
size Blade :185mm
Material Handle : Oak
Scabbard : Genuine leather
Strap : PP

Unchanged sense of use, it different from general-purpose products,
The roots of this tool is a shovel made by the bamboo which “MATAGI” used from old days.
They had used it which split dried bamboo, steeple sharply, for getting the mountain for its blessings.
This curved edge shapes is made from bamboo roundness, and this is the tool which used the natural form efficiently.
This is knife in high repute which is not only outdoor use but also gardening use.
Gardeners value this that all the gardening work can do by this one.
Our WEEDING KNIFE “SERRATION BLADE” is successfully-used by a famous gardener,
and maintenance of a famous garden.

High carbon stainless steel containing molybdenum vanadium steel is all quenching.(HRC58)
This is hard to be rusted, and the sharpness of the blade.
Because there is little friction, it can cut well.

The strap made by PP.
This attaches and uses this on the wrist.
And this prevent falling, and slipping.

You will feel sharp edge by this SERRATION blade.

The HORIHORI which we make 3D Grinds it.
I grind it since I do Quenching on all parts.
Materials & Processes = ALL MADE IN JAPAN



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